Top Adult & Kids Birthday Party Magician in Chicago Area


Chicago magician and mind-reading Goose entertain children during a birthday party magic show.

Top-rated Chicago magician and all-around funny guy performs his birthday party magic show at celebrations for young and old alike! His countless appearances at birthday celebrations each year vary from performing for small birthday parties in the home, to entertaining at large birthday bashes in lavish banquet halls.

The Amazing Gary's Birthday Party Magic Show is not your ordinary children's magic show! That's because Gary is not your ordinary birthday magician! His "tricks" are not just for "kids". He performs impressive magic mixed with comedy improvisation and fun audience interaction that is guaranteed to entertain family and friends of all ages!

Gary's lifetime experience as a Chicago magician, actor, and improv comedian gives him the unique skills to create a truly fun interactive magical comedy entertainment experience that gets everyone, from children, to teens, to adults, and grandparents, involved and laughing!

Adults in the audience laugh and applaud during a family friendly comedy magic show!

Great for Chicago and all suburban area birthday celebrations for All Ages, The Amazing Gary's signature brand of interactive comedy magic is the perfect combination of impressive sleight of hand and amazing mind-reading with tasteful humor and audience involvement that is guaranteed to truly amaze and amuse both kids and adults!


✨ Impressive Magic!
✨ Lots of Laughs!
✨ Loads of Audience Involvement!


✨Birthday Party Magic Show content varies with entertaining comedy magic acts for


Lucy the goose can read children's or adults minds!

The Mind-reading Goose appeals to young and old alike! She has appeared on hundreds of stages and television shows around the world and is currently appearing on six continents in top theaters, nightclubs, and casinos. And now she's appearing at birthday parties throughout Illinois and the greater Chicago area!


The birthday child receives a balloon animal
that, with the help of the magician, performs a series of hilarious tricks,
is destroyed, then magically restored!

This is a favorite of children and adults alike. They will roar with laughter and grin until it hurts!


The magician magically transforms into a masked super hero!

This is entertaining and mystifying mentalism with an ending that is so startling and funny, it is sure to bring the house down!


An brave volunteer helps the magician perform this funny-looking "mini" illusion.

This is an incredible comedy magic illusion that will bring gasps, laughs and applause!


Each Amazing Birthday Magic Show varies with additional material for


of the following to the
to create your own special


The Perfect Photo Opportunity for Your Next Birthday Party!

The Amazing Gary can make The Guest of Honor (or ANY other family member, CHILD or ADULT) FLOAT in mid-air!

This illusion, performed by Chicago magicians on the largest of stages, can now be performed in your home or any other private party venue, as part of your birthday party magic show!



Twisting balloon sculptures adds color to a birthday party!

Add a Dash of Color
to your birthday party!

After the show, each child receives a special balloon sculpture of their choice.


Kids learn a card trick.

A professional magician teaches and gives your birthday party guests a simple yet Amazing Magic Trick that they will be performing moments after receiving.*

*Recommended for Children Ages 6 and Older.

✨ The Birthday Magic Show
Everybody Is Talking About!

Children sitting on the floor, laughing and smiling, during a birthday party magic show.

5 Star Rating

"The magic show that you did for our son's birthday was wonderful! Both kids and parents alike really enjoyed your magic tricks and humor. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking to organize a birthday or similar event."

Xavier M., Chicago, IL

"Thank you for a terrific magic show. It was everything we hoped for. The kids and adults both enjoyed it a lot."

Eric P., Naperville, IL

"We had Gary perform his magic show at our son's recent birthday party. All of the kids (ages 2-12) enjoyed his magic show and adults as well were impressed and entertained too! He was the hit of the party and would highly recommend him."

Joan M., Northbrook, IL

"We thoroughly enjoyed Gary's Magic Show! The kids absolutely loved him! He was great with the children and put on a fantastic magic show. Highly recommend him."

Margie M., Crystal Lake, IL

"Gary was spectacular at our kids' birthday party! Everyone there, both young and old, were impressed and truly entertained!"

Jacqueline S., Evanston, IL

"You did such a great magic show for my daughter's party, my son wants you to come back for his!"

Angela O., Bolingbrook, IL

"For once the parents enjoyed the entertainment as much as the children!"

Cheryl F., Dundee, IL

"I liked the magic show alot! Thank you for the balloon dog. And thank you for the magic trick! I liked all the magic tricks!"

Thailer, Elgin, IL

"The magic show was Great! Both Kids and Parents Loved it! We all had so much fun!"

Pat & Carter M., Gurnee, IL

"Thank you so very much for the great magic show at Alexander's birthday. He had such a great time and is already asking if you can come back for his next birthday!!! The kids and parents really enjoyed your performance!"

Christina S., Barrington, IL

"Just a note to say how much we enjoyed The Amazing Gary at our holiday party. He was able to engage the whole group and made us all laugh. He helped to make the event a success."

Barb L., Rosemont, IL

"It was great working with Gary! The guests really enjoyed his performance. Thanks again!"

Jenny A., Chicago, IL

"Gary's performance was a real crowd-pleaser. His magic was delightful. Gary had the crowd gathered around him throughout the event. The great participatory tricks instantly loosened up our crowd and got them mingling. His sleight of hand had everyone in attendance mesmerized."

"The Auxiliary Board highly recommends 'The Amazing Gary' and will definitely be using him for future events. He was an integral part of creating two successful charity events."

Nicole H., Chicago, IL

"Your magic show was just delightful. The magical tricks and your wonderful humor were truly enjoyed by all."

La Verne R., Lake County, IL

"Thank you for the wonderful magic show!"

Bridget L., Aurora, IL

"It was a pleasure having you at our "Take Our Children To Work" event. With over 150 children here that day, knowing that you would keep them interested, entertained, and pleased with their visit was terrific."

Kerry A., Lincolnshire, IL

"I just wanted to personally thank you for a great performance. The show was a hit. And the kids loved the balloon making aspect as well. Thank you again!!!"

Yasmeen S., Arlington Heights, IL

"Thanks for making Jacob's birthday party so memorable. You somehow managed to keep 16 boys calm, attentive and entertained - a trick in itself!! He's still talking about all the cool tricks you did, and he and his friends loved the balloon swords you made them. It was a great day in large part to you! Thanks again!"

Viktoriya S., Streamwood, IL

"Thank you so much for Anton's Birthday Party. It was so entertaining for both kids and adults. You were great! Thank you so much for a very good job!"

Kim F., Plano, IL

"I just wanted to let you know that we loved the performance! We all had a great time. The kids had a blast and the grown-ups were really impressed. Thank you so much!"

Rachael G.,La Grange, IL


A young boy is dressed in a magician's tux, and performs some silly magic tricks!

Invite The Amazing Gary to appear at your next Chicago area birthday party and watch as the "guest of honor", the birthday celebrant, whether child, teen or adult, helps perform some special magic tricks "on stage".

Your friends and family join in the fun in a variety of amazing magic acts, impressive stunts, and immersive entertainments, creating magical memories that will last a lifetime!

The entertaining interaction with your guests makes every performance unique. Every time he performs, it's a different audience, with a diverse mix of personalities, which makes each show a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience!

✨ Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many birthday party magicians in Chicago. Why should I hire The Amazing Gary?

A great birthday party magician is more than just about the "magic tricks" he performs. A great birthday party magician must also be a great entertainer. And like all great entertainers, The Amazing Gary enjoys a background steeped in the performing arts and entertainment.

The Amazing Gary was born into a household surrounded by magic. In addition to this lifetime of experience in magic, his résumé includes theater acting and improvisational comedy. This allows Gary to custom-tailor his performances, which are filled with impressive magic and mind-reading, to engage and entertain crowds of all ages in an interactive magic comedy experience that's fun for everyone!

Do all Chicago magicians offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

No, not all Chicago magicians offer such assurance. Does The Amazing Gary? Absolutely! He takes his comedy magic birthday party performances very seriously. Barring any distractions beyond his control (pets running around, babies crying, parents talking loudly in the same room as the show, etc.), if you are not completely satisfied with his performance, you will get your program for FREE! The Amazing Gary makes this bold guarantee because out of the thousands of performances he's presented at birthday celebrations throughout the Chicago area, NO ONE has ever requested their money back. In fact, most parents who hire him to entertain at their child's birthday celebration hire him again, year after year, and recommend him to their friends!

Can Chicago magicians perform outdoors?

Yes! Not all magicians do. But The Amazing Gary does! Each year he performs his magic shows at birthday celebrations held in backyards and on back decks of private homes, on patios of restaurants and bars, and in public parks and forest preserves throughout Chicago and the suburbs.

However, please keep in mind that while Gary is a real magician, he cannot control the weather. Therefore, if you are planning an outdoor birthday party, having an alternate indoor location available for use in case of inclement weather is highly recommended!

How do I hire an Chicago magician for a birthday party?

Hiring a Chicago magician like The Amazing Gary is as easy as "Abracadabra"! Just send him a few important details about your event (date, time, city, etc.) using his convenient contact form. He can then get back to you with an immediate price quote, along with his availability. If you then wish to proceed with booking, just let him know, and he will add your event to his calendar. It's really just that simple!

How far in advance do I need to book a magician for a birthday party in Chicago?

The Amazing Gary is happy to take last-minute bookings when his schedule permits. It is not unheard of for him to book a birthday party magic show with a mere 1 to 3 days of advance notice.

However, like most popular birthday party entertainers in Chicago and the suburbs, it is more common for him to book most birthday party magic shows anywhere from 1 to 3 months in advance.

As all bookings are made on a first come, first served basis, Gary recommends that you contact him with as much advance notice as possible. But always remember, it's never too late to ask.

How long is a birthday party magic show?

Like many Chicago magicians who perform at birthday parties, The Amazing Gary offers a variety of birthday party entertainment options.

The Amazing Gary's most popular birthday party magic shows are 30 minutes and 45 minutes in length. Either one is a great option for older kids, teens and adults! For younger audiences in the 4-6 age-range, Gary recommends the 30 minute show.

The entertainment can always be extended after either show by adding an additional service, the most popular of which is balloon twisting.

Does The Amazing Gary perform throughout Chicago and all suburbs in the greater metropolitan area?

Yes! The Amazing Gary performs most of his birthday party magic shows within a 1½ hours drive of Chicago, IL. This includes all cities and towns from Cook County to the counties of Lake, McHenry, Kane, DuPage, Will and Kendall.

What are the best ages for a birthday party magic show?

From 1 to 101, any birthday can be considered a life achievement worthy of celebrating with magic. And The Amazing Gary custom-tailors each performance to the specific age-range of your guests.

While it is not uncommon for The Amazing Gary to perform his magic show at a birthday celebration for a 1-year-old, the focus of the program is directed towards entertaining the family and friends (both adults and children) who have gathered for the celebration.

Other milestone birthdays that are commonly celebrated with magic include Sweet 16, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, and so on, and so forth, to infinity and beyond!

As far as providing entertainment for a typical "children's birthday party" (a birthday party in which all guests in attendance are of the same age as the birthday child), the best ages for a birthday party magic show would be for ages five and up. Again, for birthday parties for older kids, teens and adults, Gary adjusts his performance accordingly.

Does the magician need anything? Are there any special requirements for the Amazing Birthday Magic Show?

The Amazing Gary does require a reserved parking space as close to the performance area as possible for loading and unloading. Aside from this, he brings everything he needs.

Are all Chicago magicians' kids birthday shows just for kids?

No. Even at The Amazing Gary's birthday magic shows that focus specifically on entertaining the children, the adults will laugh and be fooled! The Amazing Gary guarantees it!

How much space does a magician need to perform a magic show at a party?

The Amazing Gary's birthday show can be performed on a large stage or in your living room. Ideally, a space of at least 10 feet wide by 7 feet deep is best with an additional area in front of that for audience seating.

For a typical in-home performance, the magic show would be performed in the living room or family room with a wall (or fireplace, or TV) behind the magician. You may wish to clear a coffee table or similar furniture from this area to allow for more open floor seating. It is best to have the kids seated up front, preferably on the floor.

Whatever the party venue, whether restaurant, private party room, banquet hall, park district facility or community center, a wall behind the magician is always helpful in ensuring that no one is walking or sitting behind him during the performance. And again, it is always best to have the kids seated up front, preferably on the floor (possibly on chairs, but never at tables).

When should the magic show start during the birthday party?

Taking into account for late arrivals, it is highly recommended that you start the magic show at least 15-30 minutes after the start of your party. This ensures that late arrivals don't interrupt the flow of the show and, most importantly, miss out on any of the entertainment.

Can I record video and take photos during the magic show?

Yes, of course! There are plenty of great photo (and video) opportunities during the show. The Amazing Gary also loves receiving photos and video from his clients!

Is the goose real?

No. The Goose Is NOT REAL. But it looks real! And the magic that it performs is real ... entertaining!

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Considered to be one the best Chicago magicians for family-friendly entertainment, The Amazing Gary performs his top-rated Birthday Party Magic Show for children, teens, and/or adults, in private homes, restaurants, party rooms, banquet halls, park district facilities and community centers, anywhere in the greater Chicago metropolitan area, from the city of Chicago, to all of the surrounding Illinois suburbs.

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