Virtual Magician Brings Magic Show to Your Living Room: LIVE Streaming!

Virtual Magician, The Amazing Gary, streaming LIVE magic shows to your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone via Zoom videoconferencing!

America's Virtual Magician and Funnyman, The Amazing Gary, performs an online interactive virtual magic show LIVE via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom video conferencing! Each one-of-a-kind live-streaming performance features a blend of Amazing Magic, Hilarious Comedy and Audience Participation, Guaranteed to Entertain Audiences of ALL Ages.

Experience as Professional Magician and Improvisational Comedian, gives him the tools to create an interactive virtual magic performance, that is gets everyone involved and keeps them laughing. With a variety of Virtual Magic Shows for Children, Teens and Adults, Gary makes it easy to hire the perfect magician for your virtual event.

Watch as family and friends join in from the comfort and safety of their own homes to virtually participate in some special magic tricks. Any playing card, named by your family member or friend, appears in Gary's pocket, in the most unusual of conditions! Gary magically transforms into a masked super hero chosen by a member of the home audience! And when Gary introduces the Mind-reading Goose, who then proceeds to reads the minds of the audience at home, your guests will be laughing and scratching their heads wondering how they did it.

Virtual Magician performs a comedy magic show for kids and adults.


for Children, Teens, and Adults.

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The Virtual Birthday Party Magic Show.


for Children, Teens, and Adults.

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With Teach-A-Trick, the virtual magician teaches party guest an easy-to-to magic trick!


as an add-on to any
Virtual Magic Show.

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Virtual Magician, The Amazing Gary, entertaining both children and adults at a family event, brings laughter and amazement to the party!

For over 20 years, The Amazing Gary has entertained thousands at private parties and public events locally. Now, the comedy magician has adapted his interactive comedy magic shows, to create LIVE streaming, virtual magic shows available to audiences worldwide.

The Amazing Gary's magic has always been an interactive, hands-on, person-to-person entertainment that connects family and friends at get-togethers and social events. Now, this same magic is once again connecting them from the comfort and safety of their own homes via the internet.

Like in his in-person LIVE performances, his virtual magic shows feature amazing magic and mind-reading, hilarious comedy, and lots of audience interaction in which he encourages everyone at home to get in on the act by picking a card, choosing a color, naming an animal, and more!



"Gary, thank you for a terrific show.  It was everything we hoped for.  The kids and adults both enjoyed it a lot."

Eric P.




Laughing and smiling, children and adults, watching a virtual magic show.

There's a famous saying in the entertainment industry: The Show Must Go On. And that's what The Amazing Gary is doing now, with his new Virtual Magic Shows, just as he has been doing since his first in-person LIVE performance over two decades ago.

Gary believes that "As magicians, we are privileged to be able to help people connect, have fun, and experience something magical. And if there ever was a time for magic ... it's now."

Now you can help share the magic with the important people in your life by contacting Gary today to schedule your custom live-streaming virtual magic show. Then watch as family and friends meet up digitally and participate in this exciting new world of comedy magic entertainment.



The internet's largest collection of online, interactive magic tricks!

Although The Amazing Gary has offered the internet's largest collection of online interactive magic tricks for decades, the majority of his magical performances have been in-person appearances in front of LIVE audiences at private parties and public events locally.

Gary has now moved the balance of his shows and services to the internet, where audiences worldwide now have the opportunity to experience this full-time professional comedy magician's performances LIVE as they connect with family and friends for a "virtual magic show".

Serving the Virtual United States of America

Serving Virtually the entire United States

Audiences worldwide now have the opportunity to experience America's Virtual Magician & Funnyman LIVE as they connect with family and friends for a "virtual magic show". Since the show's online, guests can log in from anywhere. So you can invite friends and family from all over the world, no matter where they live.